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Extracapsular Dissection v Parotidectomy



Meta Analysis of Data and Reports on Patient Outcome 


1. Mark McGurk published results

(pubmed Extracapsular dissection- minimal resection for benign disease BJOMS Jan 2011)

Type of Surgery

Recurrent tumour at 10y

Permanent  Nerve Injury Temporary Nerve Injury Frey's Syndrome
Total Parotidectomy 1-2% 4-6% 70% 66%
Superficial Paroditectomy 1-2% 1-2% 30% 38%
Extra Capsular Dissection (ECD) 1-2% 1-2% 10% 0%


Published met-analysis for ECD shows that with ECD there is reduced risk of facial nerve injury, reduced incidence of complications, elimination of Frey' s syndrome and shorter hospital stays. Risk of reoccurrence is reduced (1% - 2%  at ten-year follow up)




2. 2014 American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society, Inc

Outcomes after Extracapsular Dissection (ECD) vs Superficial Parotidectomy (SP)

Recurrence Rates

Facial Nerve Paralysis or

Paresis (any branch)

 Frey’s Syndrome
No. of Patients  ECD SP ECD SP ECD SP
Albergotti et al. 1,882 1.5% 2.4% 8% 20.4% 4.5% 26.1%
Barzan et al. 349 2.3% 12% 1.3% 6% 1.3% 44%
McGurk et al. 630 1.7% 1.8% 10% 32% 5% 32%


Further meta analysis of ECD data and reports

In Response to Extracapsular Dissection for Benign Parotid Tumors: A Meta-analysis

...satisfies a growing demand by the public for less invasive and morbid surgery that is nevertheless safe and effective.

Extracapsular dissection for benign parotid tumors: A meta-analysis

...has a similar recurrence rate as SP with fewer postoperative complications.

Surgical Management of Benign Tumors of the Parotid Gland: Extracapsular Dissection Versus Superficial Parotidectomy—Our Experience in 232 Cases

...extracapsular dissection showed similar effectiveness and fewer side effects than superficial parotidectomy

Pleomorphic adenoma and benign parotid tumors: extracapsular dissection vs super!cial parotidectomy

- transient facial nerve dysfunction rate in super!cial parotidectomy is 2-fold compared with capsular dissection - 

Selection of published articles on Extracapsular Dissection at Pubmed

Other Reports on Extracapsular Dissection

The Role of Extracapsular Dissection for Benign Parotid tumours (authors:Witt, Iro, McGurk) Springer website, 

...transient facial nerve dysfunction, Frey’s syndrome and sensory deficits are lower with ECD. 

Extracapsular Dissection Versus Superficial Parotidectomy for Benign Parotid Tumours. 

...2014 The American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society, Inc.


... ResearchGate








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