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Sentinel Node Biopsy for the management of patients with early oral cancer

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Advancing the Treatment of Odontogenic Tumours

UCLH Controversy Series 2017/8

Professor McGurk has pioneered a new way to treat odontogenic tumours (ameloblastoma). These are tumours of the jaw arising from teeth. Instead of resecting part of the jaw these tumours can be removed by a minimally invasive technique which preserves the mandible and maintains normal facial appearance.




Setting up a Sentinel Node Biopsy Service

The application of SNB (Sentinel node biopsy) in head and neck cancer is only just being introduced into the UK by Professor McGurk who has set up a national training program for clinicians and surgical practitioners at University College London. (2017)

Professor McGurk's SNB test has resulted in a 70% drop in exploratory neck dissections for early cancer detection and has been advocated by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence)




Advancing the Treatment of Jaw Necrosis

This symposium seeks to reconcile the controversies surrounding the current treatments of jaw necrosis, particularly with regard to bisphosphonates, dentistry and surgical techniques that are being developed.




Sentinel Node Biopsy for Head & Neck Malignancy

Europe and the UK are setting the pace on this subject and others around the world are following our lead. These procedures give an early detection of cancer cells without requiring surgical intervention.

Having developed the SNB tests at UCLH, Prof McGurk is hosting this London-based symposium in April 2018 which seeks to develop a consensus on how the techniques should be used as they are introduced to clinical practice throughout the world.















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