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Mega Duct

This condition is very uncommon but troublesome when it occurs. It occurs when a partial stricture forms near the salivary duct opening. The flow of saliva is held up but never stopped. The increased pressure caused by the obstruction leads to the duct expanding until it looks like a sausage lying just under the skin of the face. Treatment is to re-establish the duct opening using a rubber stent.


Large Parotid Glands

It is known that parotid glands can enlarge with some systemic illnesses such as diabetes or liver disease. Some patients with eating disorders develop large parotid glands,


Sjogren's Syndrome

This is an auto-immune disorder, there are two types. One is associated with other auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. (Secondary Sjogrens) The other arises on its own, (Primary Sjogrens) The parotid gland is filled with immune cells that stop the gland working so the patient complains of dry mouth and eyes.

There is no effective treatment. But in a small number of cases the patients can develop a low grade MALT lymphoma (mucous associateded lymphoid tissue)

It should be suspected if the parotid gland swells and starts to be painful as if it were infected. A biopsy of the tail of the  parotid will clinch the diagnosis.




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